Design Key Builders Limited is committed to building a safe and sustainable building environment based upon the achievement of a positive balance of economic, environmental and social benefits and to continue improving and regularly reporting on its sustainable performance.
We acknowledge our fundamental responsibility to conduct our operations in a manner consistent with the development of the social and natural   systems impacted by our operations demonstrating respect for human rights within all applicable laws. Within this frame work, we acknowledge the following responsibilities to our immediate stakeholders.

Our Goals

Our ambition is to create a leading business network engaged in the provision of building services and engineering solutions to the private developers, NGOs and other private institutions.

Health and safety

We always pursue an absolute goal of causing no harm to our employees or those affected by our activities. We also implement effective health and safety management systems, encourage and promote the adoption of safe working practices and engage our people and business partners in driving continuous performance improvement.

Openness and transparency are values underpinning all aspects of our external and internal relationships. We build trust in clients, shareholders and other interested parties through the provision of accurate and reliable information. We foster teamwork and encourage synergies across the company through the sharing of knowledge and the best practices.

We pursue an absolute goal of exhibiting environmental sustainability in our activities. We implement effective environmental management system, encourage and promote the adoption of environmentally sensitive practices and engage our people and business partners in driving continuous performance improvement.

Professionalism is the foundation of all our activities. We always demonstrate a dynamic and co-operative approach, helping our clients conceptualize their ideas and providing them with more reliable approaches to achieve their construction dreams. We believe in innovation and creativity which are essential for the future of the company by enhancing our capacity for growth and progress.